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Conceptual Network Service "Authorized service LIQUI MOLY» - a comprehensive approach to service vehicles by German standards. Proper car maintenance can prolong its life by 50-100%, and in the future will avoid costly repairs. Motorists know that the state of vehicle components and assemblies depends on the state of technical liquids. Therefore, maintenance on our services begins with express - diagnostics of technical liquids. In the service network "Authorized service LIQUI MOLY" we provide services for the replacement of oils and filters, for all process liquids, do complex maintenance, diagnostics and repair of running gear, etc.

Thanks to the products of LIQUI MOLY, professional equipment and qualified specialists at the stations "Authorized service LIQUI MOLY" we perform unique operations:
 - complete oil change in the automatic transmissions, DSG and variator, complete replacement of the cooling liquid,
 - complex cleaning of fuel systems (without removal of injectors),
 - throttle valve cleaning,
 - cleaning the diesel particulate filter (without dismantling),
 - antibacterial cleaning of the air conditioning system.

On our services you will find professional service and consultations of specialists LIQUI MOLY on the application of new European technologies and products for your car.

With high-quality, timely replaced oils, antifreeze, brake and hydraulic fluids - car systems will last much longer and will work more reliably. Specialists of the stations "Authorized service LIQUI MOLY" will take care of this!

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