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AutoBooking was created to increase the number of clients for you and make your business more profitable in the rapidly changing conditions of the car market. To bring clients to your station and keep them there is the main purpose of our platform. Today, clients do not always know what service station to choose: We help clients finding quickly and you ensure they leave satisfied. We act as a reliable partner of those service stations which have much to offer to clients and consider it important to offer their services to as many car owners as possible. We wish that clients find you quickly and leave satisfied!



Register on our website, add pictures of your service station, its description, working hours, specialization and the list of services. Once we approve this information, your service station will be posted on the platform, and you will start receiving orders at once.


We will present your service station to the visitors of the platform subject to their request details. In addition, we will promote your service station via such search engines as Yandex, Google and Yahoo, in order to help clients quickly find necessary information, and for you — to increase your sales and profit!


All the orders made from AutoBooking are confirmed immediately. The users of the platform write their real feedbacks after receiving the services — we motivate them to do so. And, as you know, people satisfied with the services bring new clients.




Rest assured, AutoBooking is the only platform of such a format.


We show your services to a huge audience of drivers across the country 24/7. Your potential clients see the way your station looks, what brands and models you work with, what services you provide, examples of work performed, working hours, level of equipment, waiting conditions — all that you consider to be your competitive advantages. It makes clients choose faster, saves the time of your consultants and your money accordingly.


When you become our partner, we do not charge you for your registration. It is simple: you apply for the registration of your station and receive free access to the resource and capabilities of the platform for two months. Throughout this period, our managers for the resource development will contact you and negotiate the ways of cooperation in the future, providing also far more opportunities and benefits of the platform from any moment of our partnership convenient for you.


The feedbacks and ratings posted on AutoBooking help potential clients choose your service station and your regular clients — become stronger in their choice. By the way, the feedbacks may be positive and negative, praising and criticizing. Imagine you helped a “problem client”, and he left satisfied. We promise it will be the most loyal client. And if he also writes a positive feedback about you, it will increase your flow of new clients.


The system of feedbacks works as the best type of advertising, which is also free like air. We promptly check each feedback for authenticity, moderate in case of any foul language or offensive tone and only then publish.


Not only does AutoBooking bring clients to your station, it encourages them to evaluate your level of service, note it on their platform account and return to you later when there is a need. Thus, our platform helps accumulate trust of clients to your service station. It concerns both new drivers who choose a car service for the first time and those who got used to a particular service station but cannot use it for some reason. All you need to do is to show the best level and quality of services.


Clients can create a car service book on our website, which will help your employee/mechanic more promptly understand the client’s problem and solve it with high quality, no matter where the client received services before. In the end, it will increase your service rating.


The platform is designed for any company — big and experienced or young and small. We are trying to build our work in such a way that it is favorable for you to improve and grow together with us, achieving new levels of modern technology. We increase the motivation of clients to use the platform and help you develop your level of service and maintain your clients’ trust. That is our common interest.

Call center

Our support team is always ready to help you and your clients and will answer any questions related to the work of our platform. If a driver does not have a laptop, tablet or smart phone, Internet access or time/desire to fill out the registration forms, and he/she has difficulties determining his/her location, etc., our support team can bring him/her to you “by hand”. If necessary, we may call a specialist to your place.

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